Why Invest in Detroit?

Why Invest in Detroit?


Detroit is a unique market that allows the Investor to capture real estate opportunities at record low prices, and create tremendous cash flow.  With acquisition prices at record lows, and a market starving for quality landlords, there is a real opportunity to capitalize and put your investment dollars to work.  Each unit that comes from our team will produce healthy returns that cannot be achieved in traditional investment opportunities such as stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.

Case-Shiller Home Price Index shows Detroit, MI is at a current level of 102.59 and up from 95.27 September 2014. This is a change of 7.14%.



Throughout Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, 170,000 manufacturing jobs have been created in the last three years. Michigan alone was the source of 70,000 manufacturing jobs. Many reasons call for manufacturing jobs, such as Detroit property investments and new buildings. The auto industry continues to be a helping hand of new jobs. Just last month, Ford Motor Co. announced 2200 new workers in the US. Additionally, Ford Motor Co. plans to invest $16 Billion in the US by 2015, including bringing 1000 jobs it once out sourced to countries like Japan and Mexico, back to states like Michigan and Ohio.


Dan Gilbert has a vision for Downtown Detroit that many would find hard to square with the long, painful decline commonly associated with this City: a vibrant urban core full of creative, innovative and talented young people. Yet Quicken Loans, the mortgage lender Gilbert co-founded in 1985, has invested $1 billion over three years, bought some 2.6 million square feet of commercial space in the downtown area and moved 7,000 employees there in a bid to make that vision a reality. The company is in talks with 80 to 100 retail outlets and restaurants to open downtown space, and Gilbert and other business leaders have fronted most of the money for a $140 million light rail line in the heart of the city. Quicken has also invested in an incubator for technology startups, which now number 17.