Turnkey Detroit Investments Offer Amazing Opportunities

House And Piggy Bank For Detroit InvestmentsReady to build a lifetime income stream with huge earning potential?

If so, Own It Detroit has an array of exciting opportunities for you. You can take advantage of the Detroit’s growing rental real estate market with the help of turnkey Detroit investments. We offer a premium selection of renovated rental homes in the Detroit metro that are already rented and professionally managed by us. We take the stress out of real estate investment so you can sit back and watch your money grow. In no time at all, you are sure to see a return on investment.

The Detroit real estate market is ideal for buyers right now. There are dozens of low priced properties available that can quickly turn into high-yield turnkey Detroit investments. Capitalize on this opportune time in the Detroit housing market, and you will soon become one of the profit leaders in the area. The investment real estate at Own It Detroit is set up to generate income for you, and our tested and proven formula ensures that profitability will last well into the future.

These high yield turnkey Detroit investments will not last long.

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Maximize your profits by acting quickly on these low-cost investments that have been tested and proven to work. Build your investment portfolio with our profitable value proposition.

Hassle Free Turnkey Investment With Built-In Property Management

keysTurnkey investments, run by a professional Detroit Property Management Company. Our Turnkey properties are custom designed to earn you the maximum amount money from the start.  With our proven formula for success, you can be a passive landlord on property that is already earning money. Our investment properties are renovated to preserve long-term costs, and they have tenants in them that are paying on time every month. This new profit source could be the high yield opportunity you’re looking for.

The majority of our residential real estate investment offers in Detroit come with the following:

  • Custom Renovation That Preserves The Value Of The Property
  • New HVAC Units That Lower The Cost Of Maintenance
  • Experienced Property Management That Keeps Your Income Flowing
  • Handpicked Turnkey Detroit Investments Yielding Higher ROI
  • Tenant Applicant Screening That Ensures Your Rent Will Get Paid On Time
  • Detailed Inspections That Guarantee The Quality Of The Investment
  • Detroit Based Real Estate Professionals That Are Here To Guide Your Venture

Despite the extensive add-ons we have in our trusted turnkey Detroit investments, we keep our prices low so you can make the most from your investment. We will show you the projected revenue each property will generate in monthly rent so you can be an informed investor. Making big money has never been easier.

Professional Real Estate Brokers Here To Start Your Detroit Investments

trust-handshakeOur professional team of brokers is here to assist you in capturing this amazing Detroit Real Estate Investing Opportunity. Capitalize on high yield turnkey Detroit investments. They know the ins and outs of Detroit’s housing market, and they will show you the pros and cons of every piece of real estate we have available. Our realtors work day and night to find great deals for our investors that are sure to provide a high ROI in the future. Learn about mortgage loans, real estate sales, property management, and more with their aide, and you will be fully aware of your profitable options.

The property management services we provide at Own It Detroit allow you to step away from your investment and let it manage itself. You will not have to screen tenants, collect rent, answer maintenance calls, or do any of the tedious work that comes with property management. We take care of that for you. Our “hands-off” landlord program gives you the opportunity to grow your money with minimal effort. We’re confident in the highly profitable investments Detroit has to offer.

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