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What Exactly is “Normal Wear and Tear”?


When you use an object over time, it ages and gets damaged. This is known as normal wear and tear. In the case of properties, this occurs when a tenant is occupying your space and is using your furniture and appliances on a regular basis.

Evicting Tenants The Right Way

In a perfect world, your tenants would pay you on time, never cause an issue in the house, your appliances would stay in pristine condition, and the world would keep turning on its’ happy little head. However, in Detroit, evictions and tenant removal is a serious and real issue. Making sure you are properly evicting…

How To Keep Your Homes Filled With Tenants

While it is not often admitted, a lot of real estate success can be put into the hands of your tenants. Being able to find the most reliable and suitable tenants for your rental or leased property can make or break your ability to stay in the black. To find those perfect tenants that will…

The Most Common Landlord Mishaps

Being a landlord comes with the task of having to sometimes be the bad guy, but it isn’t a job that you should shy away from. Many landlords are making simple mistakes that are costing them in profits every year! Let’s go over a few ways that you can stop throwing your money away, and…