HandymanAs a landlord, you have a responsibility of making routine property repairs and maintenance.  At Own It Detroit, we take property repairs and maintenance seriously. We ensure that inspections are regular and that your property is always in tip-top shape at all times.

Routine property inspections ensure that small issues are identified early before they become serious and costly. From the vast experience we have acquired in managing properties in Detroit, we’ve come to the realization that regular repairs and maintenance drastically reduce issues for owners in the long-run.

Own It Detroit can help you manage your property’s repairs and maintenance needs. If you choose us, the first thing we do is take note of all repairs and maintenance issues. We do this by conducting a comprehensive inspection of your property.

We then reorganize our list of repairs based on the urgency, time, and cost required to fix these repairs. We help you with the budgeting as well. Our goal is to ensure that your property remains vacant for the shortest amount of time possible. In this regard, we ensure that we carefully balance between maintenance and keeping the costs in check.

At Own It Detroit, we make it a point to know our clients’ properties. During routine property inspections, we check appliances, landscapes, windows, floors, roofs, electricals, plumbing, and air conditioning and heating systems.

By conducting property inspections, we are able to:

  • Meet all state regulations pertaining to maintenance and emergency preparedness.
  • Cut down on the wait time to get services from service providers such as landscapers, plumbers, carpenters, and electricians.
  • Identify problems early. This helps us plan how best to address the repair and maintenance issues.
  • Plan ahead of time. By finding major issues early, we are able to keep your property in a “rent-ready” state always.
  • Reduce tenant turnover. Routine repairs and maintenance ensure that our tenants are happy with the property’s living conditions. This also serves as an incentive for them to be responsible with the property as well.
  • Keep costs low. If repair and maintenance issues aren’t addressed early on, they may turn into costly issues. Besides being costly to repair, the issues may also land you in trouble with the local authorities.

At Own It Detroit, we strive to communicate with our clients on a timely basis, especially regarding repairs. Because of the volume of work we typically have, we’re able to negotiate competitive rates for our clients.

We work with only the best contractors in the industry, thereby ensuring quality work and adherence to local laws. We also ensure the work is carried within the time frame set.

In terms of repair and maintenance work, we will always stick to the terms of the agreement we have with each other. For any work that goes beyond the scope of the agreement, we will seek your permission first.