We have been providing our customers with top of the line Rental Property Management in Detroit, Michigan for over 17 years. With an incredible reputation and customer service that can’t be beaten, our high standards for excellence in the Detroit Area is our top priority. With Own It Detroit you can expect:

  • Pre-Selected Renters Who Pay Consistently, In-Full, And Keep Your Property Looking Great
  • Providing A Hand’s-Off-Landlord Approach To Give You Peace Of Mind And Limited Work
  • Lowering Property Maintenance Costs By Giving You Top Of The Line Resources
  • Constant and Constructive Communication In Order To Build Reliable And Lasting Relationships

Our proven success record in Property Management will ensure you that Own It Detroit is a unique Company that caters to its clientele. With every investment opportunity, we will customize all of your wants and needs, to make sure all parties are satisfied and confident with their services.

Reliable Tenants That Look Forward To Renting Your Property

Own It Detroit pre-screens and extensively selects all of the tenants that are currently occupying our homes. These renters have a proven track record of on time and in full rent payments, keeping your profits high and worries low. With our trusted method of rental applications, the amount of potential tenants is great, giving you more people to chose from. With every application, we always check the following:

Property Management Service In Detroit

  • Background
  • Credit
  • Rental Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Deposit Verification
  • Rental History
  • And Much Much More!

With every background check, there is a thorough process to weed out any potential tenants that may not be a great fit for our Own It Detroit homes. This serious and methodical approach has proven to be successful for over a decade, giving our clients less hassle and more money in their pockets.

You Can Expect Exceptional Customer Service And Professional Rental Management

There are many advantages to working with a property management company. Here are a few:

  • Incredibly High Profits & More Equity
  • Pre-Screen Renters That Give You Less Problems & Lower Maintenance Needs
  • Exceptional Contracts For Tenants And No Exit Or Early Termination Fees
  • Providing You With Vendors That Keep Your Construction & Maintenance Costs Low & Work Done Quickly
  • Quality Tenants That Keep Your Profits High And Worries Low
  • Stop Losing Sleep Over Your Headache Homes, And Start Working With Own It Detroit!

As a licensed Michigan Property Management firm, our experienced brokers with Own It Detroit is current and knowledgeable with all state, federal, and local laws and regulations. Our incredible staff, keeping your workload low and worries even lower handle your entire investment process.

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Not only will we stand behind any property we sell you, but we will provide you with elite Property Management service.  Own It Detroit is a full service Property Management Company who specializes in the City of Detroit real estate market.  We understand that purchasing a quality home with a quality tenant is only a portion of your investment having the best opportunity for success.  That is why we use over 20 years of experience to allow for the most professional, transparent, and efficient Property Management service available.

Each one of your investments will be managed by a team of staff members who understand your goals.  We pride ourselves on creating an environment that allows the investor to have the option of both a virtual service through our sophisticated software system and a human liaison to provide the best possible service.

We also provide complete transparency in creating a management system that requires investors consent before your money is spent.  Again, we come from an investor’s background.  We understand the frustration in poor communication, bad follow-ups on items that require attention, and most of all poor transparency.  Mutual Property Management will provide a 24-hour response to emails and phone calls.  We will see to it that you know what is going on with your investment at all times.

Contact our knowledgeable sales team now to learn more about the next step to creating great opportunity in the local market.