We have a ton of experience when it comes to providing property management services in the Detroit, Michigan area. We can get your home leased in the shortest possible time due to our tried-and-tested marketing tools and strategies.

These marketing tools include a series of processes and checklists that we have fine-tuned over the years. This has enabled us to market our clients’ properties quickly and to the right tenants.

Own It Detroit marketing strategies ensures that your property is occupied by a qualified tenant. Our strategy is efficient in terms of cost, time, and client satisfaction. The result – minimized tenant turnover.

Our Leasing Services

The following are the leasing services we offer our clients to ensure the quickest results possible:

  • Detailed property inspection. Before we advertise our clients’ properties, we first conduct a detailed property inspection. The inspection helps us identify if there are any repairs the property needs before it is occupied. Should the property require any repairs, we have a pool of professional contractors available.
  • Second, we begin the marketing process. We will take photos that highlight the best features your property has, inside and out. Professional-looking photos are vital for any type of property, from luxury real estate to lower-end rentals.
  • Next, we place “For Sale” signs in the front yard. From our experience, these yard signs convert really well.
  • We do a comparative marketing analysis to choose your property’s rent amount. It requires taking a close look at what other houses are renting for to judge the relative value of your property. The rent amount is a key aspect of how quickly you can acquire a tenant.
  • Aside from listing your property on our website, we also coordinate with other listing sites. For example, Trulia, Zillow, com, and Multiple Listing Service. These rental listing sites help us showcase properties to a bigger audience of prospective tenants.
  • To improve efficiency, we use a digitized system for all renter inquiries. We also use this platform to provide support, manage replies, and property showings.
  • At Own It Detroit, prospective tenants have two options when it comes to submitting their rental applications. They can submit the application either in person at our offices or through our online system.
  • To be considered eligible, all our tenants undergo a thorough screening test. This helps us get high-quality tenants who are responsible, honest, creditworthy, respectful, clean, and above all, pay their rent on time.
  • In addition to conducting a thorough credit and background check, we also subject all tenants to strict rental criteria.
  • We keep owners’ interests in mind. We negotiate lease terms to ensure that our clients’ properties are occupied by qualified tenants and at the best rental rate.
  • We prepare our leases according to Michigan law which requires us to adhere to the Professional Industry Standard Lease. Once a tenant signs the lease, we leave them with a copy, send one to you, and retain our copy for record-keeping purposes.
  • We also adhere to the Fair Housing Rules. We ensure a fair process during the entire leasing process, especially during tenant screening.

To get in touch with us, please give us a call at (313) 254-4184 or fill out our contact form here.