Detroit’s Investment Opportunity -What Is So Attractive Right Now?

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Is Detroit a Good Place to Invest in Real Estate Property Right Now?

Right now, you can even profit by capitalizing on Detroit Turnkey Property InvestmentsOur city is thriving with high yield real estate investment opportunities for you to take advantage of. Watch your money grow through smart commercial and residential real estate investing.

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Why You Should Be Buying Investment Property in Detroit:

buying-homesCash Flow Advantage

Detroit is a unique market. The property market is at record low prices and there’s a tremendous cash flow advantage which creates the perfect buying opportunity for serious investors.

Acquisition prices are at record lows. The tenant market is starving for quality landlords. This is a perfect blend of market condition and you have the ability to put your investment dollars to work.


Housing Market Growth

Case-Shiller Home Price Index shows Detroit, MI is at a current level of 1117.24690 (Fewb 26, 2018). 


Job Market Health

170,000 manufacturing jobs created in the last three years (in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana). Michigan alone was the source of 70,000 manufacturing jobs.

The auto industry continues to be a helping hand of new jobs. Last month, Ford Motor Co. announced 2200 new workers in the US.

Ford Motor Co. plans to invest $16 Billion in the US by 2015. They’re also bringing 1000 jobs back to Michigan and Ohio.


Future of The City – Buying Into Dan Gilbert’s Vision


Dan Gilbert has a vision for Downtown Detroit that many would find hard to believe. The long, painful decline associated with this City will be a thing of the past. He envisions a vibrant urban core, full of creative, innovative and talented young people.

Yet Quicken Loans, the mortgage lender Gilbert co-founded in 1985, has invested $1 billion over three years. They bought roughly 2.6 million square feet of commercial space in the downtown area. Moved 7,000 employees. And made that vision a reality. The company is in talks with 80 to 100 retail outlets and restaurants, which are planning to open.

Gilbert and other business leaders fronted most of the $140 million light rail line in the heart of the city. Quicken also invested in an incubator for technology startups, which now number 17.


Own a Detroit Investment Property Today!

buy turnkey homes

At Own It Detroit, we make it easy to generate profits that will last a lifetime.

Our renovated properties are in high demand. They already have tenants in them paying their full rent on time and every month. You can rely on our trusted property management team.

We’ll help manage your investment and profit from it. Grow your portfolio with the help of our experienced realtors in the Detroit area. Your profits will speak for themselves.

The majority of our residential real estate investment properties come with the following:

  • Detroit Based Real Estate Brokers Here To Help You Reach Your Goals
  • Experienced Property Management Company That Handles The Tedious Side Of Real Estate Investing
  • Extensive Tenant Screening That Protects Your Investments
  • Professional Renovation That Draw Tenants
  • Selected Detroit Investment Property In Safe Areas Of Near Schools And Churches
  • New HVAC Units That Cut Maintenance Costs And Maximize Energy Efficiency
  • Detailed Property Inspections That Ensure The Security Of Your Investment


Capitalize on this great opportunity by working with our experienced team.

Take advantage of our Detroit market knowledge. Buying has never been easier. Manage your investment by working with our team. Keep costs low with smart decisions about renovations and repairs.


Real Estate Experts Here To Build Your Portfolio With a Smart Detroit Property Investment



Our professional team will help you manage your investment.

We understand the Detroit real estate market. We work hard to ensure your investment property yields high returns.


Our professional team will share their knowledge of:

  • real estate sales
  • property management
  • mortgage loans
  • and more

We work with you and are fully transparent at all times. You’ll be aware of your investment at every step of the way.

All of our Detroit investment properties come with professional property management services.

We’ll manage the day-today and you’ll sit back and watch your investment yield.


Our team will:

  • collect and deposit rent
  • maintain and repair the property
  • assess and interview tenants
  • and more

We have a high success rate in the rental market because of our tested and proven property management methods. You will not have to do any work as a landlord beyond making the initial investment.

This proven formula can soon turn into a high-profit venture for you.


Buying Investment Property in Detroit is a Great Decision

investing for profitsThe time to act is now.

Take advantage of the extensive investment real estate options here at Own It Detroit.

Detroit’s in a correcting market and the time to invest and ride the rise in now.

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