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Detroit’s Global Approach To Entrepreneur’s

Most stories about Detroit start off the same; hurting economy, distressed housing market, and a significant decrease in population. However, contrary to the headlines, people all over the world are flocking to Detroit, in hopes for a better tomorrow. An influx in immigrants started piling into the city, as everyone else moved their way out….

Giving Your Real Estate More Curb Appeal When Looking to Sell

Own It Detroit knows that first impressions are key to any real estate transaction. When looking to sell your home, you have significant control over the price of the sale, just by tweaking a few things in and around your home. Step outside of your home, walk a short distance away from it, and realistically…

$1 Million Business Investment Boosts Local Economy

With the ever-expanding areas of Midtown buzzing for the summer, the exciting news of Selden Standard has come just in time for everyone to look forward to fall. This small plates restaurant is scheduled to open in Detroit’s Midtown in the fall of 2014, with a seasonal rotation of fare. Selden Standard will be operated…

Reversed Mortgaged To Assist Spouses In Keeping Homes

A new rule of ‘reversed mortgages’ is being promoted by former Senator, Fred Thompson, as a means of bringing people back to living in their glory days. However, pitfalls have started to emerge with this product, and federal agencies are working tireless to alleviate the issues. As of August 4th, 2014, a new set of…