As a Metro Detroit property management company, we own and manage a large portfolio of properties in and around the Metropolitan area. Single-family homes, condos, duplexes, quadruplexes…you name it. 

On the other hand, if you’re a local rental owner, we can work hand in hand with you to help you manage your Detroit Investment Properties and reach your business goals. Our team of Motor City property managers has decades of combined experience working in Detroit’s rental market, so we have what you need to effectively manage your property, locate quality tenants, carry out repairs, and even handle the rent collection in a timely manner. We can do all of this and more while you enjoy your newfound free time and extra profits with your family.

Regardless of where you’re located, you’ll always find it easy to contact us through our main website. There you can find all the information you need to know about our services, and also access your own personal account through which you can manage every aspect involved with your rental. Whether it’s allowing tenants to make their payments online, or giving our landlords the capability of managing their business remotely, our website makes life easier for everybody.

We have an experienced team of professionals who are highly-knowledgeable and can adapt themselves to help you fulfill your business needs. As one of the leading Metro Detroit property management companies, we have all the know-how and hands-down experience you need to make your business grow. Whether it’s marketing your property, screening tenants, developing solid contracts, inspecting and carrying out maintenance, collecting the rent, or even evicting tenants, we can help you run your business more efficiently than you’ve ever dreamed possible. Call us now if you need more information about our services.


What Makes Us Different From Other Rental Companies Servicing The Metro Area?

Unlike many of our competitors, we ONLY manage properties in the City of Detroit (Metro and surrounding areas). We understand the upside of the Detroit Market and how to avoid pitfalls! 


We Will Pay You

Disbursements are Paid Monthly! Our accounting is handled by a third party so you can count on your funds to hit your account by the first of each month.


We Communicate 

E-mails and phone calls are replied to within 24 Hours. This is our Company policy and we will stand behind it.


Non-binding Management Agreement 

No Minimum Term, No Cancellation Clause, No Termination Fee! We want to do business with people who see the VALUE in our services, not put you in a headlock because you signed the dotted line! If you are not happy at any time, you can walk away with No Penalty or explanation required!


Licensed and Insured Real Estate Broker 

We can help you Buy, Sell, even Wholesale Detroit Real Estate!

Our Services vs. Other Property Management Companies in Detroit, Michigan:


Marketing Vacant Rental Properties:

The success or failure of your Metro Detroit Property is largely dependent on your ability to keep it occupied with quality tenants. Which is why we at Own It Detroit put so much effort and resources into creating effective marketing campaigns for our clients. We focus our advertising campaigns on attracting high-quality tenants that will provide you with excellent returns while offering as few problems as possible. That’s why we use every tool in the box, from creating attractive yard signs to listing your property on the hottest online rental websites, to ensure that your property is always occupied with good tenants.


Tenant Screening Process:

We use a sophisticated screening process to make sure that we pick the absolute best candidate to be your tenant. Once our marketing campaigns have attracted a group of high-quality candidates, our tenant screening process allows us to weed out anyone that is unfit and pick the right tenant for your property. Each applicant is checked for criminal records, credit history, previous rental history, and employment status, to make sure that he will respect your property and pay his rent on time.

Rent Collection:

Rent collection is one of the most difficult tasks for the DIY property managers. The stress of going through the hassle every month can be overwhelming if you’re working on your own. At Own It Detroit, we take effective measures to make sure that your tenants pay their rent on time. Tenants are made aware of our strict rent collection policy early on, which ensures that you can enjoy a reliable source of income each month.

Inspecting Rentals:

As Motor City property managers and owners of our own, we understand how concerned you feel about the state of your metro area rental. Which is why we carry regular inspections to make sure that your tenants are keeping your property in tip-top shape and upholding the terms of the lease. This also helps us to spot if there’s any kind of structural damage in your rental so that we can fix it as early as possible.

Property Maintenance Services:

Our company can take care of every aspect involved with your Metro Detroit rental properties, including carrying out regular maintenance. Thanks to our business ties with local contractors and building companies in and around Metro Detroit, we can offer you top grade workmanship for preferential prices. Not only will this save you money in the short run, but will also protect your investment and let you enjoy the steady income that your rental provides for many more years.

Accounting Services:

We take our job of managing your business very seriously. Which is why each month we submit to you full financial reports and updates on the financial condition of your business. Regardless of where you’re located, you’ll be able to access this information through your own personal online account. Not only will this help you monitor and supervise our work, but also give you the information you need to take the right decisions for your rental business.

Eviction Management:

Stressful, costly, and long drawn, evictions are the nightmare of any rental owner in and around the Metro Area. At Own It Detroit, we have a solid track record for picking excellent tenants for our landlords’ properties. However, when necessary, we respond to troublesome tenants with a no-nonsense eviction process that goes straight to the point. We use the services of experienced lawyers who are trained in the local tenancy laws to make sure we get the best possible result for you.

Who We Are:

We specialize in offering top-grade property management services in the Metro Detroit area to both local and out-of-state investors. Whether you’re just starting your rental business or need help to take it to the next level, our experienced staff of professional Motor City property managers has the skills and resources necessary to secure your business’s success.

We consider our landlords as long-term business partners and strive to developed meaningful relationships with them, which includes being open to feedback as well. Our experience as a Detroit property management company has taught us that the key to success in this business is building partnerships that benefit both sides. Call us today to find out how we can help your rental business grow.

Where You Can Find Us:

Own It Detroit

Address: 19853 W Outer Dr #300, Dearborn, MI 48124, USA

Phone: +1 313-254-4184

Hours: Mo-Fri 9AM-5PM

Contact Us:

Call Us at +1 313-254-4184 or contact us.