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Michigan Legislators roll out $617M DPS plan



After emotional and passionate debate, the Michigan Legislature narrowly passed  a $617-million package to try and fix the collapsing Detroit Public Schools district. After a string of “sick-outs” led by teachers across the district, the state legislation was forced to act in order to restore stability in the district.

Back-room negotiations between Republican leaders in the Senate, House and Governor Rick Snyder conjured up the votes needed to pass the life line to the district.

The House plan would send $467 million to DPS to help pay off the district’s debt and another $150 million in transition costs for when the district is split in two with the old district existing just to pay of the $515 million operating deficit and the new district to run the district.

Snyder hails the bill as a step forward to rebuilding the structure of the Detroit Public School system.

“This is a new Detroit Public School district. The debt will be gone. The emergency managers will no longer be needed. Local control will be restored, so that new leaders for the district can be chosen this fall by Detroit voters.”

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