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Unlike many of our competitors, we ONLY manage properties in the City of Detroit. We understand the upside of the Detroit Market and how to avoid pitfalls! 

We Will Pay You 

Disbursements are Paid Monthly! Our accounting is handled third party so you can count on your funds to hit your account by the first of each month.

We Communicate 

E-mails and phone calls are replied to within 24 Hours. This is our Company policy and we will stand behind it.

Non-binding Management Agreement 

No Minimum Term, No Cancellation Clause, No Termination Fee! We want to do business with people who see the VALUE in our services, not put you in a head-lock because you signed the dotted line! If you are not happy at any time, you can walk away with No Penalty or explanation required!

Licensed and Insured Real Estate Broker 

We can help you Buy, Sell, even Wholesale Detroit Real Estate!

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